About Iron Horse Equipment Solutions

Bryan Burch

Bryan started his journey in the oil & gas industry by earning his B.S. in Agri-Business Management and a minor in Mechanical Engineering from Texas State University. In 1999, while living in San Marcos, he began his career by managing heavy-duty truck dealerships for Rush Peterbilt, MHC Kenworth, and Lonestar Freightliner.

During his tenure in that industry, he established himself as a company leader and problem-solver, taking underperforming stores and turning them into not only profitable dealerships but dealership group leaders within months. Bryan’s work ethic caught the attention of other dealership managers, and he quickly became a highly sought-after mentor providing ideas and strategies to help other dealerships increase profitability.

Not only is Bryan an asset to his colleagues, but he also has a reputation for treating his customers with honesty and integrity. His strong work ethic enables him to help clients find solutions to their company’s most pressing issues, often using innovative ideas and out-of-the-box thinking to find an effective solution. When needed, Bryan relies on a team of experts to meet your needs. Excellent customer service plus a unique approach to problem-solving has made Bryan one of the most highly-respected leaders in his industry.

In 2010, one of the biggest customers in the oil & gas industry offered Bryan the chance to become Vice President of the Asset Management Group, a new well-servicing company in Houston, Texas.

While starting and developing this business, Bryan:

Built the company’s fleet of equipment to fulfill the needs of their fracing, water-transfer, snubbing, and vacuum service divisions, as well as their work-over rig services divisions.

Worked with engineers and manufacturers to ensure the proper equipment was designed and built to meet the company’s needs.

Created a maintenance program to ensure equipment sustainability and performance optimization.

Worked with software engineers to design and develop a maintenance management program for the $360 million worth of company equipment assets.

When the original company was sold in January 2017, Bryan continued to serve as V.P. for seven months before leaving in September to start his own company—Iron Horse Equipment Solutions LLC based in Waco, Texas.

Today Bryan balances life in the heavy equipment industry with investing in his family. He has been married to his wife, Jessica since 1999 and together they are raising their three boys.

Iron Horse Equipment Solutions, LLC (IHES) strives to be the premier provider of comprehensive equipment asset solutions, and asset supply-chain management services to the oil & gas, construction, and mining industries, while building long-term business relationships based on integrity and reliability.