Iron Horse Equipment Solutions, LLC strives to be the premier provider of comprehensive equipment solutions and asset supply-chain management services to the oil & gas, construction, and mining industries. We accomplish this by building long-term business relationships based on integrity and reliability.



At Iron Horse Equipment Solutions, we help you build your assets and equipment portfolio from the ground up. Whether you know what your company needs to succeed, or you want guidance in choosing the equipment that is right for you, we’ll walk with you every step of the way. After determining your needs—whether large assets or consumables—we’ll work for you to obtain those pieces. Our long-standing relationships with various industry-leading manufacturers and vendors allow us to provide the highest quality piece of equipment at the lowest price—all in a timely manner.



After your initial equipment needs are met, we’ll manage your equipment portfolio to ensure sustainability and optimize performance. When the time comes, we’ll assess and respond to pieces that need to be added, replaced, repaired, or disposed of. We also work with clients in determining their workflow efficiency and reliability by evaluating a company’s individual processes and the strengths and weaknesses in their operation. We’ll ask questions, understand your unique needs, and make recommendations you can rely on.



When it’s time for you to let your equipment or assets go, we’ll work with you to create the most effective exit strategy. Whether you need to dispose of that piece or broker it to another company, we’ll help you unload what weighs you down.

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